Is psychic ability real?

What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you have paranormal ability?  Would you want it?  What if that ability allowed you to talk to the dead?  Made you psychic? Put you in danger?

Our brains use very little of the capacity that we have and many scientists feel they are capable of much more.  Over the years, even the military has tested people to see if they have an extrasensory ability that might allow them to read minds or see into distant rooms. There are reports of people acquiring a psychic ability or sixth sense from a head injury.  Is it possible?  Here an article from Newsweek that talks about the Star Gate project that ultimately was shut down, but was not totally discredited.

Just a search on Google of abilities gained from a head injury yields about 400,000 results.  Some of them are may actually be true, but many are perceived claims.  Yet, there is enough doubt in it to suggest that it could happen.  I have had a couple of experiences with precognition, but not anything that I could point to and say that I had that skill.

I think that sometimes the brain can pick up on something happening in the universe if you’re tuned in to it at the time.  For instance, when I was living in Los Angeles, I was lying in bed late at night with my significant other and not quite asleep when I heard a distinct snap/crack sound and I said, “Earthquake.”  I was certain that I literally heard the earth break.  But nothing happened in our area.  However, the next morning, I learned that at that time, an earthquake had occurred in Mexico.  I truly believe I heard the initial snap of it.

Is intuition a sixth sense?  I think it may be.  Several times, I have gotten feelings so strongly about something that I was going to do not being right that I’ve changed my mind.  Was I right about it? I don’t know, but I learned to trust my feelings on it.  One time I looked at an airplane I was scheduled on and had such a negative feeling about it that I changed my flight.  Nothing happened to the other plane, but for some reason I felt I couldn’t go on it.

Tapping into these possible senses is what impels the story behind the Funeral Singer series.  My heroine, Gillian (pronounced with a hard g like a fish gill) Foster has a fall, hits her head, and ends up in the hospital with a concussion.  After she is released, she’s hired to sing at a funeral and she discovers she has a psychic ability so bizarre that she thinks she’s hallucinating .  As she begins to come to terms with it, she finds that it is increasing and encompassing more.

Her clients are deceased and she’s pulled into helping them so that they can move onto the next plane.  To add to it, she dreams guidance from a presumed angel named Zac who offers a little advice and direction, but doesn’t tell her everything she thinks she needs to know.

For Gillian, the whole situation makes her question her beliefs, soul survival, good and evil, and her sanity.

funeral-singer-smIf you haven’t read Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle and A Song for Menafee, why not do it now? It might make you think about what happens after death and if our souls are eternal or may just prove to be an intriguing story to read.  Both books are available now from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.  They are also on Kindle Unlimited. menafee-300dpi-1500x200010.29.15-edit1-100

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