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As my new books are released, each one will have its own release page here. When they’re in a series, the series will have a page with the books releases under them. To make it easier, I’m listing my series pages here and you can click to go to them. You’ll also find them in the drop down box.

On my release pages, you’ll find blurb information, a little about the series concept, a teaser and places you can purchase the book.  I hope you find this useful and easy to use.

Funeral Singer (4 Books)

    A Song for Marielle – Book One
    A Song for Menafee – Book Two
    A Song of Betrayal – Book Three
    A Song of Forgiveness – Book Four
    A Song of Redemption – Book Five (Fall 2018)

O’Ceagan’s Saga (1 book)

    O’Ceagan’s Legacy – Book 1

Short Stories

The Wizard’s Gift

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