A Song for Marielle

A head injury opens the door to an unusual gift…

Gillian Foster is a singer and talented musician looking for a break into the super career she always dreamed of, but a little accident changes all that and bestows a paranormal gift that leads her down a different, unsettling, and dangerous path.  

Singing at weddings, parties, holiday events, and street fairs with her band  are all just another gig for Gillian, who works as a dog groomer by day and a for-hire musician whenever an opportunity arises.  One snowy night an accidental slip on the ice after a wedding appears to have given her more than a slight concussion.

When Gillian is asked to sing at a funeral, she accepts the paying job.  But that’s when she discovers she can see and talk to the deceased while she is singing. She soon learns that her spirit clients might need her help in settling business left behind before they pass into the light.

The first book of the Funeral Singer series,  A Song for Marielle is a paranormal  suspense novel with a touch of romance.


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I have a dear friend, a bit like my heroine Gillian, who is a musician and singer.  She ended up singing for three funerals, sadly for personal friends, at the same mortuary prompting one of the employees there to ask if she was the “funeral singer”?  This became the grain of sand that formed the back story for this novel.  I began to wonder what would happen if my heroine had a gift that allowed her to see and speak to the dearly departed?

Taking this a step further, what if one of the departed needed Gillian to do something for her before she could move on to the next level?  What if that something turned out to be dangerous?  As this began to develop, I envisioned it somewhat like three of my favorite TV series that dealt with the paranormal and the hereafter, “Medium”, “Ghost Whisperer” and “Touched by an Angel”.

The result is a paranormal suspense novel that will take you on a thrill ride with Gillian as she is drawn into intrigue and danger.



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When I went searching for a cover, I was fortunate to find this one with a little girl and a tombstone that perfectly fit this novel. This lovely cover was done by a designer who calls herself Claimyourself at SelfPubBookCovers.com


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5-star – Great Read
“I’ve been reading this book as what I call my “lunch time book” but yesterday, I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and read it straight through although I must admit, my curiosity got the better of me by chapter 18 and I swiped to the last two chapters, read the ending , then went back to where I left off. I once read that a good book or movie is defined by the ending whether one cares about what will happen to the characters when it’s done. “Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle…” gave me that feeling and therefore I recommend this book to anyone and everyone and can’t wait for the next installment!!!”  — Cindy L.  Western

5-star – This is what a book should be
“This is what a book should be, well-written, well plotted, with engaging characters. It was a privilege to visit this world.” –PRBC

5-star – “Very good
“I haven’t read anything from this author. The title of the book caught my attention. I gave it 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed the story and concept. Always have an open mind.” — Lori E. Perry

4-stars – Very Interesting story and good read
“This story has a very interesting concept. The characters were very well developed. Linking the main story with the detectives pov was very effective. The growth of Gillian’s understanding and acceptance of her gift brought the reader with her as she struggled to find meaning in her visions.” — P. Talley

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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Suspense Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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