A Song for Menafee

Can a dark secret shatter the soul?

While attempting to help an unsettled soul cross into the light, a spirit escort learns an unexpected truth on the battlefield of Shiloh.

While Gillian Foster’s gift appears to make her a spirit escort helping lost souls to cross into the light of whatever lies beyond the grave, she is finding that most go easily, some don’t even wait, but there are those…

Helping one soul to move on brings Gillian into contact with another lingering ghost, who needs more than just a guide to the next life, and she is his only hope. Her band mates are pressing her to set up the overdue recording session and she is trying to cope with the aftermath of her encounter with a child killer.   With a trial looming in the future,a promise made to a ghost, and an album to record, she may be pushing herself too hard.

In the second book of the Funeral Singer series, the story takes you into the past as the Funeral Singer learns that her tasks aren’t always a stroll in the park-like cemetery.

A Song for Menafee picks up where the first book, A Song for Marielle, left off. The author advises reading the first book before reading this one.




For many years, Shiloh has been a siren song in my mind, begging me to write a story about it. Through all those years, I only had knowledge of two things called “Shiloh”, the song by Neil Diamond and the Civil War battlefield.

Photo by Rene Averett - Shiloh Monument

Back in my ancestry, there’s a pair of family names that ran for a few generations from my mother’s side of the tree. The names were unusual and sparked some curiosity about their origins. I suspect that even though they were first names and middle names, they likely had been surnames. In particular, my great grandfather bore the name Menafee Womack Tatum and other children had either Menafee or Womack in their names. While I still don’t know a lot of the history, other than the origin is possibly Irish or Welsh or Saxon, Indiana Monument Photo by Rene AverettI do know it went back to the War Between the States.

When I started brainstorming this second book of the Funeral Singer series, I had a rough idea for a soldier, but as it developed, it incorporated both of these elements in a tale that takes my heroine to Tennessee and Shiloh Battlefield, past and present. I almost went to Shiloh about a decade ago and didn’t quite make it, but I felt the need to see it with my own eyes, not just in photographs. So, this past spring, I went there to smell, taste, and feel the historic battleground. I hope I brought Shiloh to life in this book. By the way, if you haven’t been to it, I would highly recommend seeing it.

About the Cover

Giving credit where it is due, the amazing cover was created by designer called FantasyArt at SelfpubbooCovers.com. I consider myself fortunate to find a cover that conveyed the essence of the book so beautifully.



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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Suspense Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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