A Song of Betrayal

Never underestimate the fury of a betrayed woman.

Zoe Sarkis appeared to be the perfect wife for an up and coming investment manager.  Until he murdered her and fled the country.

Book Cover for A Song of Betrayal

Now, Zoe’s soul refuses to cross over until her killer is brought to justice. Can funeral singer and spirit escort, Gillian Foster help the police and Zoe find her husband to pay for his crime?

In this third book in the Funeral Singer series, Gillian faces danger, exposure, and more serious threats from the other side as the mysterious ghouls she calls shades up their game.



Bookmark for A Song of BetrayalStemming from a “what-if” question inspired by a friend’s comment about being asked if she was a funeral singer, I hypothesized an ethereal way station in the form of a cemetery where transient souls, who are either confused or have unfinished business, wait before crossing into the afterlife. My heroine, Gillian Foster is a musician and singer in Reno Nevada, and is drawn into this realm by a “gift” bestowed on her that allows her to interact with the spirits in the cemetery and beyond.

From there, this becomes a springboard to explore the nature of good and evil and the consequences of one’s life while still writing an entertaining, suspenseful novel. On the evil side, we have the “soul thieves”, who are called shades or True Shades. Growing in numbers, the shades are now confronting Gillian in her efforts to help the souls to cross over through the light gate. Can she fight back against their power? Can she find help in her battle? Find out in this entertaining series of novels.


Finding the perfect cover without having it custom made isn’t always an easy task. While this one wasn’t quite what I was looking for, it did suggest my victim and the mood well. The design is from  the SelfPubbookCovers.com  artist known only as thrillerauthor. I’m often surprised that these artists prefer not to use their names.


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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Suspense Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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