A Song of Forgiveness

Hell is on the loose; can one woman force it back?

Cover image by Barb Hoeter at coverinked.comUnleashed from Hell, a powerful demon threatens not only humans on Earth but all souls as they transcend to higher planes.  In its path stands Gillian Foster, the Funeral Singer, a musician who has been granted gifts that allow her to speak to the recently dead and battle evil spirits.


Still rebelling against her unwanted paranormal skills, she’s now facing an invasion of soul-eaters bent on destroying everyone she loves along with the rest of humanity. Two things are certain— One, she needs to gain control of her ever-growing gift to stop the invasion before it reaches Earth. Two, she must find more supernatural aid in the battle for eternal life.


Will her skills be enough to drive the demon back to Hell and seal the portal?


A Song of Forgiveness Book image by Barb HoeterAs this is the next to the last book of the series, it’s all about escalating Gillian’s problems and building up to the big showdown with her adversaries. It took a few odd twists while I was writing it, but it’s building to the climax in the fifth book. It also carries a couple of through story lines that will be resolved in the last book as well.

You definitely need to read the previous books before this one, but I think you’re going to really like it.


Behold my stunningly beautiful cover for this book.  Designed by the awesome Barb Hoeter at Coverinked.com , this is my first custom made cover and I am thrilled to have it grace my book. Barb will be doing the cover for the last book, A Song of Redemption also. Then we’ll re-do the covers of the first three books to match the set.


A Song of Forgiveness is now available for Amazon Kindle outlets and Kindle Unlimited. It will be out in paperback on Amazon by April 20th, 2018.

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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Suspense Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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