A Song of Redemption

The Battle hits home!


At a loss and depressed following her team’s failure to contain Belphegor, Gillian Foster begins to pull herself together to plan her next moves and build a network of other spirit escorts to help her. The threat of the soul thieves grows daily and thrusts the need to stop them solely on her.

When a horrifying attack on her friend brings the problem home leaving Gillian’s life in turmoil, she struggles to control the damage. Working with Orielle, the anthropologist, who is an expert on supernatural creatures, they soon find support from an unexpected source—the Vatican.

The path ahead is clear; the tasks to be done defined. Now all Gillian has to do is execute them and stay alive.

The exciting final book of the Funeral Singer series, “A Song of Redemption” brings Gillian to her full power and wraps up the story with drama and explosive action.



I had so much fun writing this series. As I went along, I learned more and more about my characters along with Gillian. I think this novel provides the perfect culmination of this story line.

That doesn’t mean that I am shutting the door entirely on the characters, but they are taking a much needed rest now. But I have a feeling I will be revisiting this setting in a whole new way in a couple of years.

The books in the series link together, so you definitely need to read the previous books before this one, but I think you’ll enjoy watching Gillian grow with her paranormal skill over the series.


Once again, I’ve turned to the super-talented cover designer,  Barb Hoeter at Coverinked.com , for my beautiful cover. Don’t you just love it?


A Song of Redemption is now available for Amazon Kindle outlets and  is also available in Paperback. Release date was October 22, 2018.

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Paperback is available at Amazon. Link

A Song of Redemption is available at other eBook distributors, including Apple, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo, 24Symbols, and others, through Draft2Digital at this link.  


From a beta reader for the series:

A truly marvelous literary journey! ” – N. Sorbets


Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense/Mystery/Suspense Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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