O’Ceagan Saga

The O’Ceagan Saga is just getting started with the first book released and a short novel in the same universe waiting to be edited. A sequel book is planned for 2019 .

The O’Ceagan family owns three space freighters that are based in the Dragon Hold system where a trio of greenhouse planets are the homes for emigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  For the O’Ceagan’s, their home world is Erinnua or New Ireland.

The books will follow the adventures of all three ships in separate novels. The first, O’Ceagan’s Legacy is a rip-roaring paranormal fantasy adventure with Grania O’Ceagan, the interim captain of the Mo Croidhe (My Heart) space freighter, and her three brothers. To learn more about it, visit the launch page.

     O’Ceagan’s Legacy – Book 1
     In Strange Waters – Book 1.5 (Coming January 18, 2019)
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