O’Ceagan’s Legacy

When a disaster strikes in space, a ship’s captain must rely on her skills and crew to survive.

Trained by her grandfather to command, Grania O’Ceagan expects to one day inherit the family’s space freighter, but first she must prove herself worthy to be captain.  Her ambitious brother Liam is nipping at her heels and wants the ship as well.  While she adores Vilnius, the dashing assistant station master, their lives are worlds apart. Still, they relish their time together whenever the ship docks at Earth’s station.

On the return trip to their home world, they take on two unplanned passengers and run into disastrous events that could destroy everything.  Grania must muster her crew and apply all  her skill and knowledge to save her ship and crew from imminent destruction.  Can she prove herself the leader she expects to be?

O’Ceagan’s Legacy is a fast-paced space adventure with a touch of paranormal spicing it up.



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bean sidhe’s (banshee) calling is to warn family members of impending death.  For Sheilan, this is complicated when her last charge in Ireland dies and the rest of the clan are across the galaxy in Erinnua (New Ireland).  If she is to have any purpose, she must cross the stars to them.

Grania O’Ceagan is at Earth’s Zabrowski Station on a routine run as captain of her family’s freighter, the Mo Chroidhe (My Heart) when a delay on the station allows her and her youngest brother time for a short trip to Earth where her path crosses with an old woman needing passage to Erinnua. From that point on, the routine trip begins to turn into a nightmare.

The seeds of the idea for O’Ceagan’s Legacy came into my mind many years ago and grew slowly over at least two decades.  At one point, I started the story as a screenplay, but didn’t progress far on it.  Two years ago I began writing it as a novel and completed it in October, 2014, just before I wrote Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle, which I edited and published first before turning again to this book.

It’s a special book to me as I wanted to capture all the love and magic of the Irish people and the island itself in the characters, who have long been generational expatriates of their homeland, yet still carry so much of the essence of the country.  I hope this comes through in the story along with the fanciful creatures of legend.



  My beautiful cover was created by a designer who calls herself FantasyArt at SelfPub


It fit perfectly with my story and I felt very lucky to find it.






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“The Rolling Stones with Space Banshees and a healthy dose of cozy mystery stirred in, done up in a style reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey…”
—Nancy Sorbets , Reader from Oregon


Science Fiction Fantasy/ Paranormal/Romance

Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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