Time Walker

A Time Variance is always caused by a traveler

The first book of the Time Threads series releases May 31st, 2019!

Mali’s job is to track the timeline – boring as Hell. Until she detects an anomaly that turns her routine task upside down. Somewhere in the past, someone changed a significant event.

Now, with her background as an era expert, she lands on a time travel team sent to the 18th century to correct the problem before it snowballs into the future. But it’s not as simple as it seems as Mali becomes entangled with her own past and secret agendas.

Will her period knowledge be enough to give her team the edge they need? Or will her lack of field training and personal interests result in disaster?


Not your average time travel novel, Time Walker starts in the future when time travel has been developed as young Mali Harper dreams about becoming a time team member. She’s got education, but no practical training for the job. Nonetheless, she’s assigned to the team going to the 18th century to find the incident that altered the timeline.  Piece of cake–Not exactly. What they find surprises them and draws them into a plot they hadn’t suspected.

Time Walker is a time travel, alternate history story with a touch of steampunk.  The Time Threads series will continue the story with two more planned books.


The gorgeous  book cover for this novel was designed by Barb Hoeter at Coverinked.com, She’s an amazingly talented artist, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.



Time Walker is currently on pre-sale at most digital retailers from Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook to 24 Symbols, Tolino, and others.

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Book Excerpt


Bronze-colored metal gleamed under the chamber’s lighting. The unit looked like it was brand new as the polished metal reflected Bond’s image climbing the ramp to the entry. It stood taller than she’d expected, and she realized it had landing feet on it. The pictures hadn’t shown that. It appeared huge even though it was smaller than her bedroom. At the rear of the room, she spotted a large transparent box where energy rushed through it.

She caught up with Brayden and caught his sleeve, then pointed. “What’s that?”

He followed her finger’s direction. “That, Mali, is the timeline energy. It’s how we tap into it.”

Her mouth dropped open in wonder as she stepped away from Brayden to go look at it. They’d trapped timeline energy in this spot. How? Standing just outside the window, she gazed at it, squinting her eyes a little. Gradually, she began to see threads in it, some of them thick like woven together cords and others thinner. She caught her breath. She’d seen these types of threads before in her childhood dreams. Dreams she never wanted to talk about. She couldn’t talk about.

Shaking her head, she looked up the enclosed box and saw the blackness of space and the very edge of the moon. She turned her head to look below where the saw more darkness and the distant ball of muted colors that was the Earth. The station orbited around the planet, going from day to night and season to season with no change in her world.

“Oh, Gaia. Help me,” she breathed. She was about to go to that unknown world below her. The reality of it all struck her with shock.

Brayden came up behind her. “Mali, are you okay?”

She stood stock still for a few heartbeats, and he caught her arm. “We need to get on board. Come on.”

Shoving down the nerves that threatened to choke her, Mali turned and forced her feet to move toward the TU. She’d wanted this. Now was not the time to turn tail and run. Prematurely thrust into it or not, this was her opportunity to seize.

Her pace picked up as she approached the ramp and set her determined foot on it.

Coleman followed right behind her, and as she reached the port, he leaned around her and pressed a button on the unit, keyed in a code, then said, “Put your right eye in front of the ocular lens there.”

He pointed to a rounded opening above the entry pad. Mali complied and positioned her right eye against the round reader. She heard a slight buzz, then a voice like Olga’s spoke.

“Eye pattern accepted. Identify traveler.”

“Say your name and identification number,” Coleman whispered in her ear.

“Mali Harper. 9906-233-5787.”

“Identity accepted. Welcome aboard, Mali Harper,” the computer stated, and the portal opened.

Taking a deep breath, Mali stepped through as behind her, Brayden Coleman identified himself and added, “Total crew of three.”


Science Fiction Fantasy/ Time Travel/Steampunk

Time Threads Series Published by Pynhavyn Press, Reno NV

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