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Book on Pre-Order and an Opportunity

menafee-300dpi-1500x200010.29.15-edit1-100Lots going on as I’m working on editing the second “Funeral Singer” book and starting to rewrite my YA novel while plotting the second book of that series. Keeps me busy and my mind is spinning with ideas.  But for now, the news is that A Song for Menafee, the second Funeral Singer book is on track to be released near the end of August.  I am so confident about that target that it is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Now for the opportunity!  How would you like a chance to read a free digital copy of A Song for Menafee before it is released?  All you have to do is post in the comments on this page that you would like a chance to read a pre-release copy.  I will randomly select 10 people to receive a free download  of a PDF version of the book, which will be sent around the beginning of August.  Naturally, I would appreciate an honest, good or bad, review of the book on Amazon when it goes live, but it isn’t a requirement to win the opportunity.

So if you’d like to get the book for free, just post a comment and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners of A Song for Menafee!

Support My New Book


Banshee image by Michael 1010, licensed through Wikimedia Commons. Book cover image by FantasyArt,

I need your help to have success with my new book, O’Ceagan’s Legacy! I am hoping to get enough nominations on Kindle Scout to get the opportunity to have it published through Amazon. What this means to me is possibly a publishing contract and promotion through Amazon rather than an independent writer publishing through the usual stream of self-published authors via my small publishing company, Pynhavyn. I will publish that way if this doesn’t work out for me, but I would sure love to be with a bigger house.

How can you help? Simple. If you haven’t yet nominated my book, simply go to:

Look at the information on my book and read the first three chapters if you’d like, then click on the Nominate button. If you aren’t logged in to your Amazon account, it will ask for your email address. Enter that and you’ve nominated me.

Here’s the bonus: If my book is selected for publication, you will receive a Kindle copy free from Amazon when it’s released as a thank you for scouting the book.

I was on the hot list for over a day, but I need more votes to continue to hit that list. You can nominate from now until March 12. Getting a publishing contract would be an awesome birthday present for me!

You can do three nominations over the month, so while you’re at it, check out the details for some other books that you might like and help another author out. One that is out there now is a Young Adult by Shaunta Grimes, the author of Viral Nation called Wasted. Shaunta is a great author, so check it out.