Fan Fiction

Like many writers, I have indulged in writing fan fiction.  I guess you could say my first attempt at it was a James Bond novel that I got half-way though and realized I didn’t have any idea what I was writing about.  I was 14 at the time.

Later, I wrote a few Star Trek stories and thought maybe I could become a television writer since Gene Roddenberry had said it was a great medium for new writers.  He meant agented writers, I found out after trying to get him to read one of my stories.

While I moved on to writing novels, and still not having success at getting them published, I did dabble in fan fiction now and then.  I wrote a couple of stories based on The Phoenix, for those that recall that series and a couple of Battlestar Galactica stories.

But with my love of Highlander the Series, I really did some of the best fan fiction, and writing, that I’ve done.  Even though the series ended fifteen years ago now, the stories still hold up.  All of them feature my favorite Immortal, the one that I thought was one of the most brilliant characters to come along in a very long time, Methos.  So for those who might enjoy these stories, I’m posting my Highlander fan fiction here.

I’m putting these up as PDF files in small letter format so you can download them for your Kindle or other reader and it will fit on the screen.  I’ll add them as I get them converted to PDF.  Just click near the top of the image to open the file.  It may take a couple of tries.

5 Short Stories featuring the world’s oldest Immortal in one volume.
As Methos and Mac try to move past the oldest Immortal’s revelation as one of the Four Horsemen, Methos encounters an old flame he’d once loved in ancient Wales. But re-kindling the relationship just might prove deadly.

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