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“O’Ceagan’s Legacy” on Kindle Scout NOW!

Grania’s first time as captain of her family’s interstellar freighter plunges her ship and crew into dangerous space.

My Kindle Scout page for O’CEAGAN’S LEGACY is live now! To read about my new book, read the first three chapters, and VOTE for the book, just click on the book’s title, which is highlighted above.

The Scout program allows readers to preview an unpublished novel and vote whether they would like to read the rest of the book or not. If enough people vote for it, then Scout will review the book and consider an Amazon publishing agreement.

I I am successful, this means that the author will be published through Amazon. The readers will get a free Kindle copy of the book if they voted for it. So it’s a win-win; I get the book published with Amazon promotion behind it and you get a free copy of the book.

“O’Ceagan’s Legacy” is the first book in the “O’Ceagan Saga”, which is a planned series about a family of Irish-heritage spacers from Erinnua or New Ireland who have a family-owned and crewed cargo ship called Mo Croidhe (My Heart, in Gaelic). It’s a story I’ve thought about writing for several years and it all came together in the past year and a half.


My Scout page has a little information on the book, but the length of the entry was limited, so here is the full teaser for it:

A bain sidhe’s calling is to warn family members about impending death. For Sheilan, it’s complicated when her last charge in Ireland dies and the rest of the family are now across the galaxy. If she is to have any purpose for existence, she must cross the stars to them.

The routine run from Erinnua to Earth is Grania O’Ceagan’s first time acting as captain of the family’s space freighter. Delays at the station allow her to shepherd her youngest brother to the family seat in Wicklow and to acquire an unusual passenger at London Spaceport. Meanwhile, her middle brother Rory books a merchant with cargo who’s willing to pay handsomely for the ride.

Once underway, Grania’s easy trip home transforms into a nightmare as unexpected perils threaten the integrity of the ship and thrust them into deadly circumstances that test the mettle of Grania and her crew. Can they save the ship and their lives?

In case you didn’t catch it, the story does involve a bain sidhe or banshee in more modern terms. Drawing a little on Celtic legends and myths, this story is a fun ride from start to finish. As one of my beta readers, Nancy Sorbets, put it;

“The Rolling Stones with Space Banshees and a healthy dose of cozy mystery stirred in, done up in a style reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey! I look forward to watching this world unfold.”

Please check out my Scout page for “O’Ceagan’s Legacy” and vote for my book. I would be ever so grateful for your support. You have from now until midnight Eastern time on March 12th to read and vote, but do it early, please.  Thank you!

A “Legacy” Grows

I have been working on the new novel, O’Ceagan’s Legacy,  and it is coming along pretty well.  Not as fast as I’d like, but at least progressing.  It took its first deviation from my original plan yesterday, which is a good thing.  It means the characters are becoming real in my mind and making choices that I didn’t expect.  This is what makes writing fun!

What exactly is a legacy?  The Merriam Webster Dictionary gives two definitions for  it:

1) a gift by will especially of money or other personal property: bequest.

2) something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past: Example: the legacy of the ancient philosophers

In my novel, the “legacy” is acting on more than one level.  It also stretches those definitions to something more than what they might seem.  But, as food for thought, a legacy can consist of more than money that is inherited.  It can be a house or land or family jewelry.  The value may be intrinsic or for the history.   It can be practically worthless monetarily, yet worth a fortune in knowledge or sentimental value.  How will this play into O’Ceagan’s Legacy?  Quite interestingly, I believe.

So working on chapter 7 now and lots to go yet, but feeling that this tale will be a pretty good read down the road.  Not quite ready to put up a blurb about it, but it will be coming soon along with an excerpt from the prologue.   I will tell you that it has roots in Celtic mythology and it is set in the far future.  And there is a space freighter involved called “Mo Croidhe”, which is Irish for “my heart”.
Until next time…